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The 250 SX-F has been on top of the MX2 World Championship for many years now and adds a second AMA Supercross Lites Championship to its crowded trophy cabinet. But that’s no surprise. The successful combination of a powerful and torquey engine in a lightweight and agile chassis is bound to launch the 250 SX-F onto podium after podium.


The 250 SX-F engine is known to be the

strongest engine in the MX2 paddock. It

screams at the top of its lungs at 14,000rpm,

but is equally happy producing tons of torque

and power across the rest of the rev range. Its

compact architecture contributes to an

excellent mass centralization, supporting the

rideability of the bike. And it only weighs

26.1kg. That’s including the incredibly

beneficial electric starter. David, meet Goliath.


The centerpiece of the compact DOHC (double

overhead camshaft) engine is the cutting-edge

cylinder head. It features two overhead

camshafts, which activate the titanium valves

via super-light finger followers with a hard DLC

coating. New lateral brackets (now made of

aluminum instead of steel) allow an efficient

fixation of the engine to the frame and shave off

another couple of hundred grams.


The 250 SX-F has a rigid crankshaft, which

features a connecting rod with a plain big end

bearing featuring two force-fitted bearing shells

run directly on the crank pin. This design is a

major prerequisite for the extremely high

engine speed levels and the unrivaled

maximum power of the 250cm3 engine. Not

only that, it enhances the engine’s durability,

allowing long crankshaft service intervals, which

is a huge customer benefit in relation to time,

effort and cost.


The engine is fitted with a smooth 5-speed gearbox, which features a special surface

treatment on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears for best reliability. The advanced

´No Dirt´ gear lever design prevents dirt from blocking the joint of the lever

and guarantees a safe activation of the transmission. All 4-stroke engines are fitted with a

gear sensor to give the option of different engine characteristics for each gear. 


The 250 SX-F is fitted with a unique electric

starter as standard, which is a clear advantage

when it comes to crunch time in the heat of

battle. A strong starter motor made by Mitsuba

and the proven starter drive will fire up your

track star time and time again at the push of a



  The design of the die-cast engine cases

minimizes weight and allows for a very

centralized shaft configuration. This makes the

engine short and compact, while contributing to

an efficient centralization of masses. The

engine covers also feature a solid surface

structure that reduces the wear caused by the

rider’s boots. Brilliant.


The state-of-the-art Keihin Engine

Management System with electronic fuel

injection features a 44mm throttle body. Thanks

to its unique injector position, the engine’s

response is instantaneous. And to make life

even easier, separate systems for cold starts

and idle adjustment await you. The lightweight

ECU features a unique traction and launch

control system for lightning-quick response

when the bar drops and maximized grip thanks

to different maps that sync with to the gear

you’re in. As an ultimate bonus, the rider can

unleash an even more powerful mapping via

the handlebar map switch.


Inside the short cylinder, with a bore of 78mm,

thumps a box-type piston made by CP. Its

crown geometry is adapted perfectly to the

high-compression combustion chamber (14:1),

where its rigid structure and low weight shine.

Thanks to the low oscillating masses, the

engine is as cheerful as it’s strong.


In order to balance the mass-forces, the 250 SX-F engine uses a multifunctional

counter balance shaft, which at the same time drives the water pump

and timing chain. Win, win, win!  


KTM’s proven cooling system routes the coolant from the cylinder head through

the frame triangle, directly to aluminum radiators made by WP. Due to

flow optimized internal circulation and CFD-calculated air ventilation,

the system is superbly efficient. In addition, well thought-out radiator guards integrated

in the front part of the spoilers provide protection in case of crashes.      



The highly compact CSS clutch (coil spring

steel) features a wear-free steel basket fitted

with seven clutch plates, which are extremely

heat resistant due to their steel carrier discs.

The Brembo hydraulic system provides easy

and precise modulation.

98.2 kg

The main target for the KTM engineers when developing the SX models was a massive

weight reduction compared to the previous generation. The result: the current

SX-F models are the slimmest, lightest bikes in the competition, even though the

4-strokes are equipped with an electric starter as a standard feature, while the

competition still needs to be kick started. You can just focus on kicking ass.    


The airbox design offers maximum protection of the air filter against soiling,

while ensuring maximum airflow. The large twin-air filter is mounted in a

stiff cage, which at the same time holds the system in place. This design is so

simple, you could still pop a fresh one in with a face full of mud.

Without tools. In seconds.


The high-tech, lightweight chrome-moly steel frame has a knack for easy

handling, outlandish rideability, precise cornering and excellent stability.

You can also count on high torsional rigidity and low longitudinal stiffness.

This results in better absorption of the energy created from the front and

rear suspension, sucking up jumps and bumps. In short: more comfort and

less rider fatigue. Laterally attached, lightweight aluminum engine head

stays (the connection between cylinder head and frame) contribute to more

precise cornering and a reduced vibration level. The engineers were able

to pull off all that, while making their frame a big fat kilogram lighter than

that of the lightest competitor on the market. In addition, it is easier to

maintain, easier to work on and supplies more space for the tank and

other components. The bike also features an extra-light subframe made of stable

aluminum profiles, which tiptoes the scales at less than 900g. 



Sophisticated ´No Dirt´  footpegs prevent smudging up the pegs, even when

digging in deep ruts. Looking for a higher riding position? Then just mount

the footpegs of the MY2017 EXC models, which are 6mm higher than the

SX versions.      


The cast aluminum design offers low weight and a perfect flex behavior.

The single-component casting process eliminates any inconsistencies

and inherent weak points created by welding. It’s better looking too. 


KTM engineers sure know how to handle handlebars. This tapered one,

made of high-strength aluminum by NEKEN, is fixed in damped rubber

mountings and has two different positions. From MY2017 onwards, the lower

handlebar clamps are separated, while on the upper side a new bridge-type

clamp guarantees more torsional stiffness. It’s also easier to replace

the bar in case it gets twisted in a nasty crash. An ODI volcanized grip sits

on the right, while on the left side of the bar a comfortable ODI lock-on grip is mounted,

which does not require any wire or glue to be fixed.      


FIM noise limits are a real challenge for every manufacturer. Therefore,

KTM has put a lot of effort into the development of their exhaust systems.

All 4-strokes are fitted with header pipes that have a unique standard feature;

an additional resonator system – a small chamber connected to the pipe.

On top of that, they get a short silencer, mounted as close to the engine as

possible. You know what that means: extra mass centralization and better

rideability. An advanced internal design reduces the noise sufficiently in order to

sit safely below the FIM noise limit (112 dB(A) at 2 meter max.), while still raising

the hairs on your neck.      


The KTM wheels feature lightweight, CNC machined hubs and high-end

Excel rims guaranteeing maximum stability at minimum weight. The wheels

are fitted with the latest Dunlop Geomax MX 3S tires. This set is now wider

at the rear (110/90-19 instead of 100/90-19) and the bike gets an optimized

secondary drive (14/51 instead of 13/50).


Tailored to meet the needs of the world’s fastest backsides, this durable

seat offers great comfort. For MY2017, a new cover pampers its riders

even more with better feel and grip.      


A lightweight polyethylene tank with a capacity of 7.0 liters of juice.

The filler cap has an inside thread, which makes for easy

and reliable closure.      


The WP monoshock has been developed with the entire frame and swingarm

architecture in mind, including the linkage system and the WP AER 48

front forks. It features machined and black anodized components and is a

valuable, high-end product compared to roughcast reservoirs. A new setting

and a softer spring perfectly match the reworked front-end set-up and its

sparkling WP color scheme lets everyone know you have excellent taste

in suspension.      


The lightweight WP AER 48 front fork, a 48mm USD air-sprung fork developed by

WP in close collaboration with KTM, is a split fork with separate functions for

each leg. That means damping functions are on the right side, whereas the air

spring is in the left. This left leg features a two-chamber system with a capsuled

air cartridge to prevent loss of air pressure. Should the outer seal start to leak,

the internal cartridge pressure will keep the bike in position. The air spring

is easy to adjust to any rider weight via a single air valve. No special tools

are required; the air pump supplied with the bike will do just fine. The right fork

leg integrates a damping cartridge that tailors to all your damping needs.

It can be adjusted to the track conditions and the rider’s preferences with a

twist of a dial (compression from the top, rebound from the bottom, 30 clicks each).

For MY2017, the AER 48 also features redesigned outer tubes with better bending

characteristics, smoother operation and less friction. Plus: they’ve lost some

weight (265g). Right off the dealer floor, these forks are more comfortable

and more sensitive than ever. But you can still hammer the hell out of them.      


Top quality, CNC machined triple clamps have been something of a KTM

trademark for years. Ensuring a precise handling, they perceptibly support

the flex characteristics, and with it the action of the forks. For MY2017,

the upper triple clamp specifically features a redesign in conjunction with

the new fork tubes. The rubber damped handlebar fixation has also been

reworked and the lower handlebar clamps are now separated, while on the

upper side a new bridge-type clamp guarantees more torsional stiffness

and can easily be replaced in case it gets twisted due to a crash. In addition,

an hour meter is fitted at the upper triple clamp in order to let the rider

know it’s time for a service. Or a cold drink.



You couldn’t brake any harder, better, faster or stronger. These high-tech

Brembo babies are combined with lightweight wave discs made by

Galfer. For MY2017, the rear brake features a 10mm longer brake pedal

and you get new, less aggressive brake pads all round.      



All 4-stroke models are equipped with a sophisticated new multi-functional

handlebar map switch, which does three things:· Activation of the traction control· 

Activation of the launch control· Selection of an alternative power curve (Standard

or Advanced),The traction control is a unique feature none of the competitors can

offer so far. It guarantees more efficient traction and better control of the bike

when accelerating. You’ll especially notice this on a rainy day. Push the button

and reign supreme. With this map switch the rider can also activate the launch

control, which provides more efficient starts out of the gate so you can go for the

hole shot, time and time again. How? It simply reduces the maximum engine speed

for the very first moment of the start, in order to give you better control. Push both

buttons when the engine idles and the EFI control lamp mounted on the upper triple

clamps will let you know your bomb is live. In addition, the map switch gives the rider

the chance to select an alternative, more powerful map beside the standard configuration.

Don’t you just love the idea of a boost button? 


All SX-F engines are fitted with the proven electric starter – a unique

KTM feature and a major benefit at all levels of motocross racing.

A super compact and lightweight 495g Lithium-Ion starter battery

breathes life into the engine and contributes to low vehicle weight.

The battery and wiring harness are centralized in a compartment above

the airbox, allowing the mechanic to remove the subframe without getting

in conflict with the electrics. Because a happy mechanic, is a good mechanic.


Like all KTM 4-stroke motorcycles, the 250 SX-F is started at the push of a button

- a priceless advantage when you’re on the clock.      


KTM R&D, Kiska Design and all our factory riders had their say in

shaping the plastics. Their goal: complete harmony between rider

and bike. And so it turned out. Perfect ergonomics and contact points,

maximum freedom of movement, a low seat height and sweet comfort,

especially in the rear part of the seat. The I-beam structures of the front

and rear fenders are prime examples of such an intelligent design,

guaranteeing maximum stability and a low weight thanks to well

thought-out construction and mounting. Plus: they stay cleaner for longer.      


A new, tailor-made kit, fit for a king. Because in this sport,

champs deserve to look the part regardless of the dirt.      




Design 1-cylinder 4-stroke engine
Displacement 249.9 cm³
Bore 78 mm
Stroke 52.3 mm
Starting aid Electric starter
Transmission 5-speed
Primary drive 24:73
Secondary ratio 14:51
Clutch Wet, CSS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics
EMS Keihin EMS                                                                                         


Frame 25CrMo4 steel central-tube frame
Front suspension WP-USD, AER 48, Ø 48 mm
Rear suspension WP shock absorber with linkage
Suspension travel Front 310 mm
Suspension travel Rear 300 mm
Brake system Disc brakes
Brake discs - diameter Front 260 mm
Brake discs - diameter Rear 220 mm
Chain 5/8 x 1/4"
Steering head angle 63.9°
Wheel base 1485±10 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded) 370 mm
Seat height (unloaded) 960 mm
Total fuel tank capacity approx. 7 l
Unleaded premium fuel (95 octane), mixed with 2-stroke engine oil (1:60)
Weight without fuel approx. 98.2 kg


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